The Child, Youth and Family Act was written to protect your child`s best interests. The benefits and risks to your child are assessed to prioritize what is best for your child at all times in the anxiety process. These include: calls can be made by a legal guardian or the child (if they are 12 years of age or older). If they do not discover any risk to your child, they will close the file, and that will be the end of it. Children`s services are required to intervene with a child if there are “reasonable and probable reasons to think that the child should intervene.” The child`s survival, safety or development are at risk. Examples of this type of situation are: For more information on fear of children in Alberta, the following resources are good places to begin: a temporary guardianship order is granted when the Court decides that a child should intervene and should not remain in the custody of his or her current guardian. This order is temporary because it is made if the court expects the child to be returned to the custody of the guardian within a reasonable period of time, or if the child is at least 16 years old and can live independently. A copy of the Order will be served on you, indicating the date on which you will appear in court. You must be informed 2 days before the trial date. This hearing must be decided within 42 days of the arrest.

When children`s services arrest your child, an application for first custody of your child and a guardianship order are sought in the Alberta Provincial Court. Your child will remain between you (the parent or legal guardian) and the derobistic child care until the first custody hearing. . A secure services order is a last resort that is granted only if the Court of Justice has no choice. Children`s services have the power to lock up a child in a secure service centre for up to 5 days (although this period may be extended if necessary). It is used in situations where the child is in immediate danger. If the child is less than 6 years old, this order can only last up to 6 months. If the child is over 6 years old, it can only last 12 months. These deadlines may be extended if the Court deems it necessary.