18.3 Any change requires a written agreement (additions and/or new individual contracts) between the contracting parties, which must be signed by the respective contacts. The data must be indicated in the agreement in which the amendment comes into effect. Any software available for download via the website is the copyrighted work of the CGV and/or their licensees. The use of this software is subject to the terms of the end user license agreement that is included in the Software or software. Downloading, installing and/or using such software means that you accept the terms of the end user license agreement. (1) Our offers are not binding unless confirmed in writing. Supply contracts and other agreements (including letters) and any statements made by our representatives become legally binding only by our written confirmation. (2) To the extent that the customer`s order issued in writing, orally or by telephone within the meaning of Section 145 BGB is proposed, the customer remains bound to his order for two weeks. 3.

Business mail printed by data processing systems (e.g.B. order confirmations, invoices, bank statements, warnings, etc.) is mandatory even without a signature. 8.1 The awarding entity must competently and competently verify all items delivered by ACROSS according to delivery or availability in accordance with the provisions of commercial law (Article 377 HGB) and report in writing the defects found in a detailed description of the error. Before starting productive use, the customer must carefully test each module to ensure that it is operational in the respective setting. This also applies to the programs that the customer receives as part of the warranty and a maintenance contract. 3.2 The volume, nature and quality of the supply and delivery depend on the contract signed by both parties, by the confirmation of ACROSS`s order or by the offer of ACROSS. Any other information or requirement is only included in the contract if the contracting parties agree in writing or if ACROSS confirms it in writing. Any retroactive change in the scope of benefits is subject to written approval or written confirmation from ACROSS. 13.2 The right to services to the quota contract is valid for the remainder of the calendar year in which the quota agreement is concluded. At the end of the calendar year, the quota expires without the right to compensation. When the customer has ordered several quotas, the oldest contingent is always used first.

3.4 If it is found that: That the client has provided Spectos with insufficient and/or incomplete information on the provision of contract services or, despite the written invitation, did not provide all or part of essential information on the provision of contract services, and that Spectos, which was not foreseeable prior to the conclusion of the contract, has the right to proceed with a renegotiation to require an appropriate adjustment deemed appropriate for the customer in terms of compensation and/or service specifications.