10.RELATIONSHIP OF THE PARTIES. No provision in this agreement is considered or interpreted by the parties or by third parties as establishing a relationship between principals and representatives, the partnership or joint venture between the parties, understanding and agreeing that no provision in that contract or action of the parties is considered to be a different relationship between the parties as the relationship between the buyer and the seller. Neither party has the right, power or authority to create or assume, on behalf of the other party, costs, responsibilities or obligations, unless provided for. In Adams v. Falcon Equipment Corporation, that court set aside a summary judgment finding that a lessor (Breck) rejected the obligation to compensate a lessor (Falcon) of equipment under a compensation agreement in all circumstances, as well as a provision requiring the lessor to provide insurance that designates the lessor as additional insured. The tenant did not take out insurance as planned. The court ruled that the compensation contract, even by asking Breck to receive insurance that names Falcon as an additional insured, did not compel Breck to compensate Falcon for Falcon`s own negligence. This court did not recognize the requirement of insurance other than the compensation contract. We do not do that in this case either. Keep the harmless agreement sysco Corporation and/or its affiliates attn: vice president of merchandising 1390 enclave parkway houston, texas 77077-2099 gentlemen: the signed person or entity (“bailee”) for the maintenance of value and…

The disputed contract does not contain a clear expression requiring Jet Spray to compensate Sysco for losses resulting from Sysco`s negligence. In its terms, the contract only requires that Jet Spray be able to compensate Sysco for losses resulting from Jet Spray`s negligence. The contract also provides that Jet Spray`s compensation obligations “do not apply to the extent that the claims are caused by the buyer`s negligence.” Thus, as the clear and explicit terms of the agreement provide, Jet Spray has no obligation to compensate Sysco if, as the court decided, it was McGill`s fault that caused the harm. 12.Instructions that may include product ownership, product position, depth of recall, filling and return of forms are the requirement for compensation and defence in accordance with paragraph 2. The obligation to compensate must immediately inform the seller of the notification of the procedure or the receipt of an effective notification of a right. The seller has a good opportunity to defend himself against this request, at the sole expense of the seller and by the assistance of a lawyer, which are reasonably acceptable for the compensation, provided that the seller proceeds in good faith, with diligence and diligence, and provided that such a defence by the seller does not jeopardize the defence of the compensation against that right. Each F traveller, according to his choice and at his own expense, has the right to participate in any defense of the seller with the assistance of a lawyer of his own selection. The beneficiaries of the compensation provide the seller with appropriate cooperation in the investigation and the defence of a right at the seller`s expense. 16.FULL AGREEMENT. With the exception of existing agreements on the pricing of products already sold by the supplier to Sysco companies, revenues and credit conditions relating to these sales, all key information for conversion and confirmation of these sales, confidentiality agreements and existing or subsequent agreements regarding the awarding of tender offers between the parties (existing pricing, revenue programs, credit conditions, centralized billing information and confirmations, confidentiality agreements and offer allocation agreements are included in this reference agreement, and this agreement, along with the above-mentioned exposures and the Sysco company agreements referred to, is an integrated agreement with several entities and e)